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The most frequent question we receive is.....Why are your rates different than the other companies?


For over a decade our policy has always been to keep our prices affordable and the quality of service the best in the industry!  In order to do

Look for one of our trucks around Kansas City and in your neighborhood!

 this we practice proper route management and spread our operating cost between a large number of clients rather than just a few.  Due to our large size, we are able to charge less while giving our customers the service that they deserve.

Our monthly rates will not change based on the number of weeks in a month. Your rate every month is the one shown. Let us remove the stinkies from your yard today, just like we doo for all your neighbors!

Our weekly price for our regular monthly service starts at just $11.54 for one dog to remove the stinkies from your yard. We haul away the waste at no charge.  No hidden fees just "Honest Prices for Honest Service" every time. That's our promise!

1. No Contracts!

2. Your yard is cleaned each week on the same day and time by full time employees!  

3. Marked trucks and uniformed employees!

4. In business for over 20 years.

5. BBB Accredited,  A+ Rated!

Bonded... Insured... Safe... Honest... Reliable...

Northland Poop Scooping....Your Pet Waste Removal Pros! 

Servicing the Greater Kansas City area in Missouri and Kansas.

Northland Poop Scooping - A Pet Waste Removal Company


Weekly service for regular monthly customers*

Flat rate based on 13 weeks in a quarter.

1 Dog   =  $50.00 month = $11.54 a week

2 Dog   =   $60.00 month = $13.85 a week

3 Dog   =  $70.00 month = $16.15 a week

4 Dog   =  $80.00 month = $18.46 a week

*Initial cleaning fee not included.  

Extra charges may apply for large yards, excessive waste, front and back yards or extra areas.




If your yard has not been cleaned within the last week we may have to charge you an initial cleaning fee to cover the extra time involved. This is a one time charge to get your yard cleaned up and ready for weekly service. 

We do not charge "per gallon" as the other companies and you do not have to be home for the initial visit. We charge a flat rate fee which is on your invoice before you start so you know how much you will pay.

If you are wanting just a one time cleanup, please call for a price.

No Surprises just Honest Prices for Honest Service


Referral Bonus!!

At Northland Poop Scooping we take pride in the fact that the majority of our new customers come from current customers referring their friends and relatives! We want to thank you for talking about us and taking the time to refer someone else who might like this service, therefore, we will give one month of free service to you when you refer someone else who starts using us! Certain conditions apply so call to get the details! Just think, 12 friends means one year of free service!!





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