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2007-04-28P4220002.JPG (780125 bytes)2007-04-28P4220005.JPG (686590 bytes)2008-04-30DSCF1350.jpg (47580 bytes)2008-04-30DSCF1535.jpg (64273 bytes)2008-04-30DSCF1641.jpg (51586 bytes)2008-04-30DSCF1401.jpg (47107 bytes)

Caesar (250 pounds of gentle giant!) Although he is gone, we all missed him and our customers along with us wanted him back on the 

web site. So in honor of Caesar, he will always be remembered.


P5210014.JPG (711690 bytes)P5210021.JPG (690179 bytes)P5210017.JPG (681245 bytes)P5210013.JPG (747961 bytes)P5210018.JPG (744889 bytes)P5210020.JPG (713017 bytes)

Bubba - " The Heavy Weight" coming in at 200 pounds of love! (Customer Since 2005)

P6030002.JPG (640626 bytes)P6030007.JPG (649621 bytes)P6030009.JPG (659182 bytes)P6030013.JPG (740928 bytes)P6030008.JPG (676305 bytes)

Zeus - "The Contender" coming in at 170 pounds of very hyper love!! (Customer Since 2005)

P7150030.JPG (738443 bytes)P4150036.JPG (737079 bytes)P7150027.JPG (729041 bytes)P7150033.JPG (747738 bytes)P7150034.JPG (693813 bytes)P7150029.JPG (726063 bytes)

   Jen & Blaze (Customers Since 2006) 

P4150020.JPG (684272 bytes)P4150022.JPG (633616 bytes)P1010004.JPG (665444 bytes)P1010006.JPG (631746 bytes)P4150021.JPG (725581 bytes)P1010016.JPG (629761 bytes)P1010011.JPG (650416 bytes)P1010013.JPG (698283 bytes)

Baxter & Tennyson (Customers Since 2002)

P4150009.JPG (780096 bytes)P4150010.JPG (780709 bytes)

Maggie (Customer Since 2003)

Dulley0002.jpg (570731 bytes)Dulley0001.jpg (51891 bytes)P8260012.JPG (690008 bytes)P8260009.JPG (661342 bytes)P8260014.JPG (690632 bytes)P8260015.JPG (690628 bytes)

Dually #1 at Nationals this year!! Congratulations Dually!! Introducing Cosmo, Dually's little brother! (Customer Since 2002)

P1010063.JPG (607375 bytes)P1010064.JPG (610823 bytes)P1010062.JPG (679894 bytes)P4230022.JPG (714088 bytes)

Buster & Buddy (Customers Since 2003)

P5140022.JPG (664765 bytes)P5140024.JPG (648619 bytes)

Max (Customer Since 2005)

P5140025.JPG (693315 bytes)P5140027.JPG (677437 bytes)P5140034.JPG (618852 bytes)P5140030.JPG (594158 bytes)

Samantha (Customer Since 2004)

P5140035.JPG (702198 bytes)P5140036.JPG (703035 bytes)P5140037.JPG (607194 bytes)

Maddy (Customer Since 2004)

P5150001.JPG (668032 bytes)P5150002.JPG (742198 bytes)P5150006.JPG (731269 bytes)P5150007.JPG (733243 bytes)

Vinny (Customer Since 2005)

2008-03-19P1010017.JPG (644682 bytes)2008-03-19P1010018.JPG (668094 bytes)2008-03-19p1010019.jpg (641266 bytes)

Introducing Vito - Vinny's new little brother!! (Customer Since 2007)

P5200009.JPG (730611 bytes)P5200012.JPG (612293 bytes)P5200018.JPG (724256 bytes)P5200014.JPG (688067 bytes)P5200020.JPG (719196 bytes)P5200013.JPG (729047 bytes)P5200022.JPG (703337 bytes)

Emma & Coco - Second Generation - In loving memory of Gracie - (Customers Since 1998)

P5200035.JPG (776315 bytes)P5200029.JPG (637180 bytes)P5200031.JPG (713643 bytes)P5200034.JPG (717720 bytes)P5200032.JPG (716119 bytes)

Missy & Cosmo  - Second Generation - In loving memory of Lacy (Customers Since 2003)

P5200040.JPG (728440 bytes)P5200045.JPG (708821 bytes)P5200037.JPG (735988 bytes)P5200046.JPG (754373 bytes)P5200054.JPG (743391 bytes)P5200047.JPG (723388 bytes)P5200048.JPG (710996 bytes)P5200053.JPG (721751 bytes)

River & Mouse - Retired Greyhound Racers!! Life's Good! - (Customers Since 2007)

P4160001.JPG (682732 bytes)P4160003.JPG (742342 bytes)P4160004.JPG (737126 bytes)P4160002.JPG (669122 bytes)P5280120.JPG (712739 bytes)P5280112.JPG (738263 bytes)P5280118.JPG (713658 bytes)P5280119.JPG (687161 bytes)P5280115.JPG (696176 bytes)

Sophie, Ruby & Morgan  - Second Generation - In loving memory of Missy & Bessy (Customers Since 2000)

P5210005.JPG (713094 bytes)P5210028.JPG (698162 bytes)P5210010.JPG (748741 bytes)P5210004.JPG (711825 bytes)P5210030.JPG (728043 bytes)P5210029.JPG (734443 bytes)

Haley (Customer Since 2005)

P6040018.JPG (646235 bytes)P6040015.JPG (675693 bytes)2008-03-24100_0144.JPG (730532 bytes)2008-03-24100_0145.JPG (731740 bytes)009.JPG (1340454 bytes)

Charlie, Roxie & Franklin - Second Generation - In loving memory of Max & recently Sam - (Customer Since 2000)

P5210041.JPG (692951 bytes)P5210042.JPG (572073 bytes)

Darcy (Customer Since 2007)

P5280092.JPG (731934 bytes)P5280096.JPG (625465 bytes)20080124_P1010002.JPG (696247 bytes)20080124_P1010003.JPG (749493 bytes)20080124_P1010004.JPG (938511 bytes)20080124_P1010006.JPG (668187 bytes)

Carmel, Bitsy & Minnie - In loving memory of Hershey - (A special thank you to "Mommy" for posing with them! Customers Since 2005)

P5280106.JPG (755998 bytes)

Gracie (Customer Since 2005)

P5280110.JPG (717705 bytes)P5280109.JPG (683042 bytes)P5280107.JPG (685578 bytes)Kaly01.jpg (560963 bytes)kaly02.jpg (608031 bytes)

Kaly - Before / AFTER!! AWESOME - (Customer Since 2007)

P6090030.JPG (751656 bytes)P6090036.JPG (729476 bytes)P6090072.JPG (745252 bytes)P9020021.JPG (683694 bytes)P6090069.JPG (743819 bytes)P6090073.JPG (727637 bytes)P6090034.JPG (739045 bytes)P6090076.JPG (691498 bytes)P6090051.JPG (745262 bytes)

Bailey & Buddy.....

P6090060.JPG (749244 bytes)P6090044.JPG (762822 bytes)P6090042.JPG (756033 bytes)P6090070.JPG (706708 bytes)P6090047.JPG (746968 bytes)P6090035.JPG (726161 bytes)P6090060.JPG (749244 bytes)P6090067.JPG (716866 bytes)

Cricket & Lucy.....

P6090032.JPG (728165 bytes)P6090054.JPG (724699 bytes)P6090064.JPG (730153 bytes)P6090056.JPG (750846 bytes)P6090058.JPG (721986 bytes)P6090055.JPG (737504 bytes)P6090081.JPG (724676 bytes)P6090053.JPG (737335 bytes)P6090074.JPG (704991 bytes)

& Pee-Wee!!  - In Loving Memory of Hootie, Nickie & recently Pee-Wee - (Customers Since 2003)

P9020024.JPG (689766 bytes)P9020020.JPG (730657 bytes)P9020015.JPG (706566 bytes)P9020014.JPG (725414 bytes)P9020012.JPG (680907 bytes)P9020019.JPG (741725 bytes)

Introducing Snoopy (Customer Since 2007)

P6100001.JPG (656778 bytes)P6100002.JPG (648223 bytes)

Remington (Customer Since 2006)


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